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Smart Apartment Technology is Here to Stay: Here's Why

If you’ve spent any time in the real estate industry at all, you’ve likely heard all about smart technology and how it is being incorporated into today’s multifamily housing. From smart locks and smart lockers to smart lights and smart speakers, today’s smart home technologies seem endless — and they’re...

Understanding Big Data in the Real Estate Space

You’ve probably heard the term “big data” — after all, it is one of the biggest buzz words these days, and for good reason. Big data is everywhere and is having a huge impact on nearly every industry, including commercial real estate. And soon enough, if commercial real estate professionals aren’t using big...

3 Considerations to Make Before Jumping Into the Cloud

If you spend any time at all talking about networking technology, it’s nearly impossible to avoid talking or hearing about the cloud. But how much do you really know about the cloud? Have you implemented cloud technology into your business model yet? Don’t worry, if your business hasn’t made the jump to...

Life, Family, and Values: An American Story of a Lucky Name

The following is a guest post from Lynn Kaiser Conrad, Brand Ambassador — Coldwell Banker Commercial  Coldwell Banker Commercial has four core values. They are: Do Right, Big Hearted, Ownership Mentality, and Win Together. These core values are the underlying essence of the individuals who comprise the CBC...

How the Home Office Will Impact Multifamily Tenant Wants

When the coronavirus began spreading around the world earlier this year, massive and across-the-board shelter in place mandates basically created a massive social experiment involving remote working. And now that we’re several months in, it seems that people who are able to work from home typically like doing...