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8 Coldwell Banker Affiliates Embracing the Blogosphere

Looking to diversify your commercial real estate news sources? We know quite a few that you should add to your daily menu. If you love the CBC Worldwide blog, you need to check out what our affiliates are up to:  CBC Atlantic  CBC Atlantic’s blog is filled with the latest updates on all the industry’s hottest...

3 Ways Restaurant Trends are Impacting Their Space Requirements

CRE makes up the physical spaces where business happens. Because of this relationship, changes in one sector have a strong impact on the whole industry. Once a new trend gains momentum, CRE tenants begin to shop, lease, and buy spaces differently. This relationship can be observed in the evolving restaurant scene. As...

You Can’t Ignore In-Store

99% of U.S. consumers shopped in physical stores in the past twelve months, according to the latest Coldwell Banker Commercial survey.

Here’s How CRE is Changing in the Nation’s Biggest Tech Hubs

Commercial real estate is one of the world’s most influential businesses. Since CRE gives physical shape to the industries around us, it has the power to change up the game on a global scale.  We’re seeing this happen now in the country’s most popular tech-fueled metros. The commercial real estate industry is...

6 Trends We’re Watching in the Hotel Space

The global hospitality game is changing fast. As the hotel scene is striving to provide guests with transformative experiences, CRE is paying attention to these 6 hot trends. Keep an eye out for these upcoming hotel evolutions:  Placing a Heavy Focus on Wellness  Cultivating wellness is becoming a top priority for...