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Christopher Garmon is new to the Real Estate business aside from personal investments, but brings many skills to the table from his farming and construction background. Garmon's farming background ranges from 20+ years of managing registered and commercial cattle, bee keeping, hay producing, pig seed stock producing, barn demo and construction, equipment operating, and more! His construction skills include grading, site management, framing, plumbing, electrical, demolition, flooring, and tree removal. When asked why clients should choose him, Chris responded, " My clients choose me due to my ability to advise them honestly based on years of experience in farming and to negotiate aggressively on their behalf. I have been blessed to have assembled a vast network of contacts that empowers me to serve many different areas of farming competitively. I work diligently to stay plugged into many different ever-changing markets that involve and affect agriculture. My vast construction, buying, and selling experience allow me the ability to ask the questions that lead to an informed decision. The same experience gives me an insight into potential hidden cost and problems that only years of hands-on personal experience can provide. My goal is always to be my clients' agent and not their salesman. I am dedicated to informing my clients of all risks and liabilities involved to the best of my abilities and will never advise them to make a bad deal. Finally, I did not come into real estate to change my career but to expand and invest my years of experience into advising my clients."

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